Humans and Gemstones have a very ancient, relict connection. The scriptures and sacred books from around the world have praised the beauty and allurement of gemstones, describing it as a powerful agent of energy that has created a significant influence on human lives.

Gemstones not only represent wealth and power, but they encompass to achieve astrological, scientific and cosmic beneficial values.



A Guru who is with us in all our ups-and-downs is truly the teacher we all need in our lives. His teaching guide us to make the right choices and transform ourselves. They hold the ability to enlighten us with the secrets of the world. His presence alone can make us feel secured in this unpredictable world. At Gem Guru, we absolutely conform with respect to such Gurus. Truly blessed are those who have these wise sage Gurus (teachers) in their life to guide them at every step of their journey.



No matter who you are, where you’re from and what is your calling in life; if you are in search of an exceptional gemstone, birthstone or navgraha, then it is no coincidence, but destiny that brings you to Gem Guru…

We, at Gem Guru, deal in Certified gemstones, birthstones and navgrahas. An extension of Star Traders, Gem Guru takes forward the age-old tradition of giving the client the best value, service and experience for their time and money. It’s our personal recommendation that one must buy the best gemstones he/she can afford, because a real, well-cared for gemstone lasts generations and beyond.

There is a huge construct of differentiation between the “real” and what “seems real enough”, and to assure our customers that they are buying a fair product in terms of authenticity, price and quality, we, at Gem Guru ensure that our customers get exactly what they need, deserve, invest in, and is well-aware about. You may consult your own gurus or astrologers, or we can provide a consultation with our own experienced and knowledgeable Gurus who‘ll assist you in identifying the gemstone that is most suitable for you in accordance to your requirements.

At Gem Guru, we make it a point to find a gemstone that is your perfect match, and to prove that we stand strong on our commitments, each of our gemstones go through strict certification of GII. (Gemological Institute of India) – India’s foremost authority in gemstone certification.

When it comes to buying online, we go a step further and set the stones into a piece of jewellery for you, and if you’re looking for gemstones, birthstones, and navgrahas that are filtered for personal use, or are making jewellery to sell, gift, or resell it as a retail purchase, or placing a bulk order—you will be assured that we have an exhaustive online collection of gems and stones. If in the rarest event you do not find your desired gem, Gem Guru will be pleased to help you in your search, and would personally try and source it to you upon request. Online Business has never been easier!



We don't just meet our customer's needs but also touch their lives, …wearever they go."

Our customers mean everything to us. To provide them with the best customer service, our team is constantly developing, creating, and designing the most beautiful custom made products, striving for the most phenomenal after-sales service and is committed in delivering the best overall experience in the industry.