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    Ruby Gemstone - The King of Precious Stones 

    The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruby, which means “red.” However, in ancient Sanskrit, ruby was called Ratnaraja - the king of precious stones and has been desired for generations.  And why? Because of its aura. A bright and intense hue of blood red is a striking color to be adorned by the ruby gemstone. And it is believed to make the wearer look powerful. The magnificent ruby gemstone is the most valuable variety of corundum mineral species. More so because over the years, it has developed the reputation of being a symbol of love, romance, and passion, making it an ideal gift for a declaration of love. Looking to buy ruby gemstone online? Check out the variety on Gem Guru. 

    Ruby Gemstone The Colour of Passion & the Fire of Desire 

    Love, anger, passion, and fury are some of the most intense human emotions that are said to be represented by the mesmerizing red color of the ruby gemstone. It’s associated with objects of power and desire—like fast cars and red roses. Traditionally, the ruby gemstone was associated with the term ‘pigeon blood’ owing to its rich red color that is symbolic of blood. Early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to the redness of the blood that flowed through their veins and believed that rubies held the power of life. It is this blood-red color that makes ruby one of the revered gemstones from the mineral corundum. Fine gems are a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red. Fine ruby glows with intense red in sunlight thanks to red fluorescence, which further intensifies its red color. As a matter of fact, ruby is one of the most historically significant colored stones. It is also associated with attributes like beauty and wisdom. 

    The Enthralling Ruby - Coveted by One and All 

    The ruby gemstone has been called the most precious of the 12 stones created by God. Ruby retained its importance with the birth of the western world and became one of the most sought-after gems of European royalty and the upper classes. Many medieval Europeans wore rubies for health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. Long valued by humans of many cultures, ruby is the birthstone for July and the gem for the 15th and 40th anniversaries.

    Wish to Buy a Ruby Gemstone Online? Look for Visible Inclusion!

    Whenever you look for a ruby gemstone online, expect rubies to have at least some inclusions because inclusion-free rubies are practically nonexistent. Ruby value depends on how visible the inclusions are. Some inclusions can actually contribute positively to a gem’s appearance. This adds softness to the color and spreads the color more evenly across the ruby’s crown.

    FAQs of Ruby Gemstone

    What are ruby gemstone benefits?

    Owing to the intense red color, rubies are believed to represent blood and are said to improve blood circulation in the body.  More so, folklore says that wearing a ruby gemstone is said to ward off evils, improve one’s love life, bring wealth, and increase mental strength. 

    Are ruby gemstones expensive? 

    Ruby gemstone is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species, which also includes sapphire. It can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone. This makes ruby one of the most important gems in the colored stone market. The prices of fine-quality rubies have been breaking auction records. 

    Where does a ruby gemstone red color come from? 

    Marble has low iron content, so the rubies that originate in marble lack iron. Because of this, many have an intense red color. In addition, rubies found in marble typically fluoresce red under ultraviolet light—even the ultraviolet light in sunlight. Fluorescence can make a ruby’s color even more intense and increase its value. The highest-quality ruby gemstones have vivid color saturation.

    What is so special about a ruby gemstone?

    Consumers are drawn to the lush color of the ruby gemstone because it is believed to signify wealth and success. In addition, it is also symbolic of the passion that comes with love and the fuel that feeds extreme emotions. The glowing red of ruby suggests an inextinguishable flame burning in the stone, even shining through clothing and able to boil water.

    Do ruby gemstones break easily? 

    Ruby gemstones have excellent toughness and a reduced tendency to break when struck. Making it a favorite amongst jewelers to embed in rings, necklaces, and more, especially those required to wear every day.

    What is the importance of ruby gemstones in Hindu mythology?

    Ancient Hindus believed that those who offered fine rubies to the god Krishna were granted rebirth as emperors. Hindus divided ruby into four castes, calling the true Oriental ruby a Brahmin. Someone in possession of a Brahmin was believed to have the advantage of perfect safety. Ruby gemstone has accumulated a host of legends over the centuries. People in India believed

    that rubies enabled their owners to live in peace with their enemies.