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    Looking to Buy Pearl Gemstones for Yourself or Your Loved Ones? 

    Probably one of the most loved gems of all, pearls have been valued as precious gemstones for millennia. But there’s one thing that separates pearls from other precious gemstones. While precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires form underground as minerals, pearl gemstones have organic origins. And this is what makes them truly special. Pearls are gems that form within various species of freshwater and saltwater mollusks. This enchanting gemstone holds a strong astrological significance in ancient Vedic literature and is said to pacify planet Moon in the wearer’s birth chart. And if you’re looking to buy this mesmerizing gemstone, you’ve come to the perfect place to buy pearl online. At Gem Guru, we deal in both cultured and natural pearls of the finest quality.


    The Pearl Gemstones, Water, and Moon Connection

    Although saltwater pearls with soft white lustrous orbs have become an ideal standard for pearls, the pearls found especially in freshwaters can form various unconventional and beautiful shapes. Perfect pearl gemstones evoking the Moon’s appearance have long been known for their lunar associations by various cultures across the world. As per ancient Vedic folklore, a pearl is born out of the sacred amalgamation of Earth’s waters and the power of the heavens.

    Pearl Gemstones is A Symbol of Love, Purity, and Union

    The ancient Hindu folklore describes pearls as drops of dew dropped from the sky into the moonlit ocean. Pearl’s significance in the story of Krishna is said to be one of the earliest accounts of pearls and weddings. Legend has it that Krishna pulled the very first pearl gemstones from the sea and presented them to his daughter on the day of her wedding. This wedding gift to Krisna’s daughter became a symbol of love, purity, and union.

    Spiritual Significance of Pearl Gemstones

    A symbol of purity and integrity, pearl gemstones also represent wisdom gained through experience. These precious gems of the sea are believed to offer protection, attract wealth, and good luck to the wearer. Long cherished for their serene effects, pearls are said to strengthen valuable relationships and convey a sense of security. Cultures across the world consider pearls to be a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

    FAQs of Pearl Gemstones

    What are the benefits of wearing pearl gemstone?

    Also known as the queen of gems, pearls are famous in folklore for their metaphysical properties, high aesthetics, and unique healing abilities. It is believed that wearing pearls helps you stay calm and composed. Bringing clarity in thoughts, pearl gemstone is believed to help manifest success in creative and artistic pursuits.

    Who should wear a pearl gemstone?

    Considered to be mild in nature, pearl jewelry can be worn by people of almost all zodiac signs as it is believed that it doesn’t bring any negative influence to the wearer. Vedic astrology mainly recommends it for Cancerians. However, as per folklore, even ascendants of Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces can also wear pearl gemstones for good results.

    Which is the best place to buy pearls online?

    While there are many options to buy pearls online, Gem Guru is one of the most trusted places to buy pearl gemstones of the finest quality. It has an elaborate collection of both cultured as well as natural pearls. Gem Guru deals only in high-quality pearl gemstones with excellent luster and reflections that are bright, sharp, and distinct.

    What factors affect the quality of natural Pearl Gemstones?

    The quality of natural pearls mainly depends on their origin, body-color, surface texture, luster, and orientation. Buy only the best quality pearls from Gem Guru to make the most of your purchase.

    Do pearl gemstones bring luck to the wearer?

    Often considered as a token of love and affection, pearls are also considered to be the symbols of good fortune and wealth by culture across the world. Ancient folklore suggests that wearing pearl gemstones brings good fortune and luck to the wearer.