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"Written many centuries ago, precious emeralds promise good luck and healing properties" 

Emerald the birthstone for May is believed to grant the wearer good fortune, and youth. Emerald comes from the Latin term 'smaragdus' signifying green gem. Its shimmering hues of green symbolize renewal of life and revitalization. Emerald is also considered to represent loyalty, friendship and faithfulness. Since ancient times, it has been believed to bestow the wearer with prosperity, foresight and good health and increases ones' intuitive capabilities. It helps to enhance and balance their energies and this gemstone grants its wearer happiness.
Emerald’s lush green has soothed souls and excited imaginations since antiquity.Its color reflects new spring growth, which makes it the perfect choice of a birthstone for the month of May. It’s also the gemstone for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

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